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Relic is available for stud service via live cover or fresh chilled semen.  Rock is no longer available for stud service.  He has been retired and remains a much loved family pet.  Arkham is not currently available for stud service. 


Cash/Check/Money Order  _____       Puppy  _____
Registered Name of Stud Dog: ___________________________________________________________

UKC Registration Number: ___________________________________________________________

AKC Registration Number: ___________________________________________________________

Registered Owner(s) of Stud Dog: ___________________________________________________________

OFA Certificate Number (or equivilent): ___________________________________________________________

DNA Profile Number:
Titles Earned:

Registered Name of Bitch: ___________________________________________________________

UKC Registration Number: ___________________________________________________________

AKC Registration Number: ___________________________________________________________

Registered Owner(s) of Bitch: ___________________________________________________________
OFA Certificate Number (or equivilent): ___________________________________________________________
Titles Earned:

All bitches to be considered for stud service must meet the following requirements:

1) The bitch must be no younger than two years and no older than eight years.

2) The bitch must have hips certified by OFA, PennHip, or similar with passing results as determined by stud owner.  Elbows must be certified Normal.

3) The bitch must have a current brucellosis test done within two weeks of scheduled breeding.

4) The bitch must have no disqualifying faults as defined in the breed standard for German Shepherd Dogs (excluding coat color).
5) The bitch must be approachable and show no signs of aggression or timidness.  Any dog that is aggressive or timid will be refused stud service.

6) The bitch must flea free.  A signed statement from the vet at the time of the brucellosis examination as evidence of this will suffice.
7) The bitch must have a fecal preformed within two weeks of her scheduled arrival day.  The results MUST be negative.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
8) The bitch should be bathed shortly before her expected heat cycle.

9) The bitch must be presented with:  a copy of her three generation pedigree, her current shot records (if any), a copy of her hip/elbow certifications, and signed receipt from the veterinarian showing the dog to be healthy, parasite free, and brucellosis free.


The stud fee is to be paid when the bitch is delivered by owner.  If the bitch is to be shipped, the stud fee is due before shipping.  The stud fee is non-refundable with the exception of an illness in the stud dog that would make him unsuitable for breeding.
If a puppy is to be received in lieu of the stud fee, the bitch owner(s) agrees that no puppies may be reserved until I have made my selection.  If someone wants to pick out a puppy before I have made my choice, I suggest you have them make a first and second choice in case I decide to take the puppy they have chosen.  I will choose my puppy between six and seven weeks of age.  Weekly pictures of the litter are appreciated but not required.  If I cannot come see the litter then I require that profile shots of the puppies in a correct White Shepherd/German Shepherd Dog stack be sent at six and seven weeks of age showing each puppy from the front and side.  I will not sign the litter registration form until my puppy has been received.  If the owner(s) of the bitch chooses, the stud fee can be paid at the time of the breeding and I will sign the litter registration form.  The stud fee will be reimbursed when I have received my puppy.  The owner(s) of the bitch agrees to send my puppy registration papers as soon as they are received.

I guarantee at least three live puppies at three days of age or a return service will be provided.  The bitch's owner(s) agrees to notify me within ten days of the expected whelping date to let me know the total number of puppies whelped and the total number of puppies that have survived after three days.
If the bitch fails to conceive, a return service at no charge will be allowed.  The bitch's owner(s) agrees to notify me within ten days of the expected whelping date that no puppies were whelped.  Failure to do so will void this contract and no repeat breeding will be offered.

If the bitch is unable to conceive, a different bitch may be substituted provided she meets all the requirements for stud service and is approved by me.
I guarantee that the bitch will not be exposed to any stud dog other than the stud dog of your choice.
The owner(s) of the bitch guarantees that this bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to her arrival and that she will be protected from exposure to stud dogs after her return home.
All shipping and veterinary fees are the responsibility of the owner(s) of the bitch.  I will pick the bitch up and drop her off at the airport for the cost of the gas it takes me to get there and back.
I agree to board the bitch in my home and provide water, exercise, and attention.  The owner(s) of the bitch are responsible for the cost of the bitch's food.  All receipts will be provided to the bitch owner(s) upon request.  The bill must be paid before I will sign the litter registration.  There are no other boarding charges for bitches staying less than eight days with the day the bitch arrives at stud owner's house being counted as day one and the day the bitch leaves the stud owner's house being counted as a full day.  For bitches staying eight or more days, a boarding charge of $10 per day will be charged in addition to the cost of the bitch's food.  Boarding charges must be paid in full prior to stud owner signing the litter registration.
I will assist in finding good homes for the puppies upon request.  A separate page will be created for your litter.
All puppies from this breeding must be sold on limited registration with the exception of puppies kept, fully owned, and living with the bitch owner(s).
Under no circumstances are puppies resulting from this breeding to be turned over to a shelter or rescue group.  If the owner(s) of the bitch do not want responsibility of a returned puppy that has resulted from a mating with my stud dog then I will take the puppy and find it a suitable home.  Shipping is the responsibility of the owner(s) of the bitch.

This contract is a legally binding contract and is under the jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey the County of Ocean, and the City of Little Egg Harbor.

I/WE the owner(s) of the bitch hereby certify(s) that I/we have read this contract in its entirety, undertand everything written within, and fully agree to it:




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