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Keepsake Shepherds

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My puppies are whelped in the house and raised as part of the family.  They are well socialized to people of all ages, genders, and races as well as various environments.  They are raised using the Super Dog Program.  You can find a link to information about it on the favorite links page under sites I recommend.  They start weaning starting at three weeks of age although they will not fully wean for several more weeks.   Around five weeks of age they get their first look at the outside world, weather permitting of course.  They are exposed to various surfaces including carpet, grass, concrete, and linoleum.  At seven to eight weeks they see the vet for well puppy checks and their first vaccinations.  If you don't want your puppy vaccinated, please let me know before seven weeks of age.  I am a minimalist for vaccinations and understand completely if you would like to wait until the puppy is older.  After I receive the vet's findings, puppy selections are made.  I reserve the right to refuse specific puppies to buyers if I feel they are an unsuitable match to the home.  The puppies will be weaned onto a prey model raw diet starting at 3 weeks and will be fully weaned off mom before being allowed to go home no sooner than 8 weeks of age  If you have any questions at all about my methods please feel free to contact me.


Your new puppy will come with the following items:
*A binder to contain all of the papers being sent
*AKC registered (breeder chooses name unless other arrangements are made)
*UKC registered IF litter is UKC registered
*Copy of the puppy contract
*CD containing weekly pictures of puppy from birth up to age they leave
*Pictures of both parents
*Copy of both parents' pedigrees
*Copy of both parents' health clearances
*Copy of any titles the parents have earned
*Copy of the vet's findings
*Shot records
*Slip lead
*Several toys (ball, rope, squeaky, and fleece toys)
*A "blankie" that has been rubbed on mom and siblings so puppy feels calm and safe

All pictures on this website are the property of Keepsake Shepherds and cannot be copied or used without written consent from the owner.